As far as Indians are concerned , “Cholis” or “Blouses”are an integral part  of  their  wardrobe.  It has  been  ; it is  and it will  be  , I deeply  hope!

Although  I basically  hail from  the  southern  part of India, I have, from  childhood  been inspired  by and been  much  in awe of the  colourful  , bling kind of clothes of the  northern  folks. Never to discount the simple ,elegant, pure  white clothes ,typical of the State( kerala) I hail from. I guess I would definitely have to come back to you guys to explain the aura of our typical clothing!

For the time being , let me just get on with the luxe life that I see around  as I now live in one of the most vibrant cities (Mumbai) of India! Everything in this city is about celebration. Everything you see around is a preparation for celebrating a festival or better ,celebrating life as it is. People do not have to wait for months , for a celebration ,unlike in my part of the world. Folks here are  always buying clothes and accessories ; rearranging their wardrobe ,putting together accessories to have a bash. People here take better care of their bodies, try to maintain it ;one reason for which could be , to flaunt to others  in addition to myriad other reasons.

I have  strayed away from the story I wanted to narrate. Well! It’s about the “Cholis”( colloquially called  “Blouses”) that women wear with a “Sari” and particularly about the strings attached at the back of  the “Choli” with the exotic looking hangings! The hangings or “Ladkand” as they are called colloquially, are an integral part of most of the women’s blouses here. And especially if it is a dressy Sari, then no doubt, there will be these hanging details.



So why are these hangings attached to the back of a “Choli”?


One , it is there in every Indian’s heart ever since Bollywood  movies(Indian film scene)  took birth. These hangings have been glorified and been given a status  which is  very sensual.It has become a part of a woman’s clothing which makes her look more sultry ….more woman! And perhaps this is the predominant  reason why a woman chooses to attach these hangings to her “Choli”.



But actually and technically, these also help in holding the “Choli” in place and in shape if the back is a very low-cut one. And  here ,I see that the women , no matter what strata they come from ,do flaunt their backs a lot.

The upper back  of a woman is indeed a beautiful sight too…..think about it!


And we are a country who flaunts “Backless Cholis”and “Cholis” held with just strings.  So it’s also just a  way of life for us in addition to being very sensual. The Gujarati and “Rajasthani” cholis  are known for their backless status.( Gujarat and Rajasthan are the two most colourful states of India as far as garments are concerned.)


20141223_155500 20141223_155512

20141223_155419 20141223_155207

But does anyone look at these hangings closely? I doubt! Especially so, because these accessories are at the back ; but people like me who are inclined about nuances would definitely do so. And actually , these ornaments are quite a sight in itself. There is so  much of intricacies in each hanging. And even though we think, what does it matter,let me tell you that ,this one element could uplift a “Choli”to a different level and it could also become the  “Focal point”(centre of attraction) of the entire look.




So men, get going and notice these little details on your women’s choli and probably she is going to fall all over in love with you for the mistaken romance….ha ha ha!

And all of you women out there, get into detailing of your cholis and flaunt them and make a heart skip a beat or two!


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