The Two way earrings have been in furor since now almost a year and there is no sign of them stepping down anywhere soon. They have been a clear favourite and have stolen all kinds of hearts from the moment they got launched.

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This design was originally launched by Christian Dior. But as everyone knows fashion is a world of “Knock offs” and so it didn’t take much of time before it trickled down to all the lower layers and was easily available in all the small stores and as in India , even on the streets. Not to take street shopping as a lower cadre thing at all especially in India as you find some of the best styles on the streets.


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This earring has come in so many variant styles now; deviating not much from the basic design yet distinct in patterns. Three things I would say about these earrings.




And the enticing part of the story is you could use this as much with a traditional wear  as with a western wear.

And another particular use of these earrings is , supposing you opt to wear an elaborate  neckwear which could be the highlight of your look, these earrings will support the look in the most subtle yet utterly stylish way. No question of going wrong here.


And they started off with a “Huge blob” like design on one side of the ear and a “small blob” on the other side. But now they have got into so many manipulations of this fundamental design; branched out into colours , florals and geometrics.


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Maxi tops are happening big time all around. This is a very cool and casual trend which is spreading like fire. And it is essentially a western style yet  can be mostly carried off by all body types as it is very liberal in the fitting and except for certain cuts , do not expose the hips and waist too much.



It looks happening with jeans and would look really trendy if the jeans is lean and cropped at the ankle.

If you want to take it to the higher level of style and sexiness, you could wear short shorts or hot pants with it. It has a certain amount of sleekness as it has high side slits or asymmetrical slits at the front or rising hemlines towards the centre front.


It is comfortable to use as well and women don’t have to be very conscious due to its length. Yet there is a sensual allure about this piece of clothing.


It is sported in knits and look really good with the drape. Chiffons and Georgettes look best in wovens and if in cotton , it would rather be soft light cottons.

So Ladies…Go ….MaxiMaxi …Fun Fun…


Courtesy: Pinterest, Wooplr


What’s most appealing about Sunglasses is that they hide people’s eyes. You can’t tell what a person is thinking because the lenses mask what many people call the “windows to a person’s soul”. An actor wearing a Sunglasses appears cool to us. But probably he is only as cool as long as the shades sit on the face; the moment it is taken off ,maybe we would see how scared he actually is.

The wayfarers are back…back with a bang!

The Wayfarers are sometimes cited as the best selling design of sunglasses in history (although Aviators have also been credited with this achievement) and have been called a Classic of modern design and one of the most enduring fashion icons of the 20th century.

Ray- Ban  was the company to manufacture  Wayfarers for the first time in 1956, when their design was a revolutionary break from the metal eye-wear of the past. Made from plastic ,it’s temples flared ,the Wayfarer was a rebellious thing-probably why Dean, the 24 year old star of “Rebel without a cause”, put them on.

Then  Audrey Hepburn put them on in 1961, when Breakfast at Tiffany’s introduced America to daring suggestions of divorce.


Soon Marilyn Monroe also put them on and so did a guitarist in New York named Bob Dylan.

Tom Cruise’s wearing of wayfarers in the 1983 movie”Risky Business” marked the beginning of a Wayfarer phenomenon.

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Michael Jackson further popularized the Wayfarers by wearing it through his Bad tour.

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What was it about these sunglasses?

Their distinctive shape seemed to possess an ability to dress up drab outfits while dressing down formal ones. The wayfarer’s “distinctive trapezoidal frame spoke a nonverbal language that hinted at dangerousness”, critics thought. That’s probably why Legends like John Lennon put their Wayfarers on, too.

Yes…guys…it’s time to change your shades…Get on with life with a cool pair of wayfarers! And don’t be scared…the classic shape of the Wayfarer is a time proven formula for Style with oodles of oomph!

And did you know the definition of the word Wayfarer in the British dictionary?….

A person who goes on a journey! Bang!

Courtesy: Wikipedia.


Every monsoon  Umbrellas go through a lot of change in fashion. It is really interesting to watch the new designs coming up on umbrellas. The children’s umbrellas have all kinds of cartoon and comic characters appearing. And also for  little grown up girls , there are style and fashion illustrations appearing on them.

006 007

The first time I observed fashion on Umbrellas was when I travelled to Simla. I bought an umbrella with ruffles at the edges for my mom- in- law. She has a huge fetish for umbrellas which she displays proudly when she goes to the nearby temple every day. And during monsoon in kerala , you have to literally carry an umbrella all the time as you have no clue when the water will hit on you. So i guess for a land like Kerala , umbrella fashion is actually very interesting  to watch.


Another place where to I travelled and observed  umbrella fashion was Shanghai in China. I was really amused to see the varietal umbrellas that were spotted on the streets carried by everyone who could be going to office or just shopping. And the cutest part was, on a street if you spotted twenty umbrellas , all the twenty were different and had individual designs on them. And there were beautifully embroidered and printed ones on display with unusual designs.

005 007

008 006

And when I visited Beijing, as I went visiting some museums , I spotted women selling beautiful cutworked  hand made umbrellas with wooden handles . The offwhite ones looked quite classy and could have been used as interesting lampshades which could be hung from the ceiling. They were made in cotton fabric and I wondered how much they would protect you from the sun leave alone rain. They looked more ornamental than utilitarian.

In the same context , I have to mention about the most amazing, colourful umbrellas done in fabric and entirely hand embroidered that I saw on the streets of Jaipur(India). Even those I felt were just ornamental but man! they could bring alive a drab room and could completely infuse excitement into a sober setting of a decor! I had brought  all these back to be put at my Lifestyle store in cochin.

Ahom New Ad[1]

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Even this monsoon I am so much in awe at the designs that have emerged in Umbrella fashion . They sure help in making a dull rainy day bright and cheerful and happy and….ooh la la!


The Gladiators have been in vogue for some time now. But they have hit the trend big time with the boot like look.


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These Gladiators  come quite tall on the legs. They could hit you anywhere between the calf and the knee.

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And unlike the boots these are open and airy and hence can be worn in the summers with equal sophistication.


These sandals look really cool with short length of dresses , skirts or shorts; anything that will leave a distance between the hemline of the dress and the beginning of the Gladiators. Or if worn with longer hemlines ,then either there should be essentially a long slit for a peep show or a part of the dress should be raised or curved like the front or the side  for the sandals to be visible.


They can be teamed with casuals  as well as party wear(Western) with equal elan depending on the feel and shimmer of the sandals.





Illustration Courtesy: MONICA




As far as Indians are concerned , “Cholis” or “Blouses”are an integral part  of  their  wardrobe.  It has  been  ; it is  and it will  be  , I deeply  hope!

Although  I basically  hail from  the  southern  part of India, I have, from  childhood  been inspired  by and been  much  in awe of the  colourful  , bling kind of clothes of the  northern  folks. Never to discount the simple ,elegant, pure  white clothes ,typical of the State( kerala) I hail from. I guess I would definitely have to come back to you guys to explain the aura of our typical clothing!

For the time being , let me just get on with the luxe life that I see around  as I now live in one of the most vibrant cities (Mumbai) of India! Everything in this city is about celebration. Everything you see around is a preparation for celebrating a festival or better ,celebrating life as it is. People do not have to wait for months , for a celebration ,unlike in my part of the world. Folks here are  always buying clothes and accessories ; rearranging their wardrobe ,putting together accessories to have a bash. People here take better care of their bodies, try to maintain it ;one reason for which could be , to flaunt to others  in addition to myriad other reasons.

I have  strayed away from the story I wanted to narrate. Well! It’s about the “Cholis”( colloquially called  “Blouses”) that women wear with a “Sari” and particularly about the strings attached at the back of  the “Choli” with the exotic looking hangings! The hangings or “Ladkand” as they are called colloquially, are an integral part of most of the women’s blouses here. And especially if it is a dressy Sari, then no doubt, there will be these hanging details.



So why are these hangings attached to the back of a “Choli”?


One , it is there in every Indian’s heart ever since Bollywood  movies(Indian film scene)  took birth. These hangings have been glorified and been given a status  which is  very sensual.It has become a part of a woman’s clothing which makes her look more sultry ….more woman! And perhaps this is the predominant  reason why a woman chooses to attach these hangings to her “Choli”.



But actually and technically, these also help in holding the “Choli” in place and in shape if the back is a very low-cut one. And  here ,I see that the women , no matter what strata they come from ,do flaunt their backs a lot.

The upper back  of a woman is indeed a beautiful sight too…..think about it!


And we are a country who flaunts “Backless Cholis”and “Cholis” held with just strings.  So it’s also just a  way of life for us in addition to being very sensual. The Gujarati and “Rajasthani” cholis  are known for their backless status.( Gujarat and Rajasthan are the two most colourful states of India as far as garments are concerned.)


20141223_155500 20141223_155512

20141223_155419 20141223_155207

But does anyone look at these hangings closely? I doubt! Especially so, because these accessories are at the back ; but people like me who are inclined about nuances would definitely do so. And actually , these ornaments are quite a sight in itself. There is so  much of intricacies in each hanging. And even though we think, what does it matter,let me tell you that ,this one element could uplift a “Choli”to a different level and it could also become the  “Focal point”(centre of attraction) of the entire look.




So men, get going and notice these little details on your women’s choli and probably she is going to fall all over in love with you for the mistaken romance….ha ha ha!

And all of you women out there, get into detailing of your cholis and flaunt them and make a heart skip a beat or two!


Hey, folks! Am getting across to you with something which is very crucial in the world of fashion and design and which has a high impact on almost everything that we would be using; at least for people who are trend conscious and fashion savvy. Yes! I am talking about a colour which is going to rock the coming year.

Colour is something which touches each one of us in ways beyond our comprehension; we actually even take colours so much for granted that when there is an impact, we fail to even understand that it’s actually the hue which has affected our mood. There is a lot of importance given to colour; still many of us do not want to even believe that colours could actually change our emotions and thus life too!

Well! I choose to narrate to you about the story of this new colour (actually old); “Marsala”, which has been announced as the colour of the year 2015 by none other than Pantone LLC; which as many of you would know as the world-renowned authority on colour and provider of colour systems and leading technology for the selection and accurate communication of colour across a variety of industries. The PANTONE name is known worldwide as the standard language for colour communication from designer to manufacturer to retailer to customer and let’s takes them seriously; they have been around for the last 50 years! And to top it all, Pantone also runs the “Pantone Institute”, through which it continues to study how colour influences human thought processes, emotions and physical reactions furthering its commitment to providing professionals with a greater understanding of colour and to help them utilize colour more effectively.

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Coming back to the colour of the year 2015, “Marsala”, it is a naturally robust and earthy wine red. The name descends from the fortified wine and as it rightly suggests, this tasteful hue emanates a sophisticated natural earthiness.

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2014-12-15 11.41.31 f2bbdc198321675c93f6d63e57d2d4e2
After the colour has been announced, there is a huge debate in the related industries as to whether the colour generates the thrill and excitement when a new colour is announced as the colour of the year by Pantone. The colour has not been taken very well by many, argument being, there is nothing new about the new colour and it’s too safe and so no thrill there. But actually, it is a very mature and stable colour which can be used by majority of people without being too conscious of their skin tone. This colour was called “Maroon” many years back and sort of suits the entire palette of skin colours. Yes! I agree there is neither shock nor any outburst of newness about this colour. And people are not going to think twice before using this colour nor is anyone going to stand out outrageously for using this hue. And in that sense, the new colour feels old! But as we all know, the older the wine, the deeper the taste! So folks, embrace the old wine in the new bottle….the new sparkling bottle. Happy marsalaing!

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