OK. So let’s take a deep breath and try and say all this in one go.

Archana Sankar, fashion designer, design professor, true artist, craft ogler, trend analyst, people watcher, stylist, fashion critic, wardrobe mentor, eclectic store owner, ha! you lost your breath!

All these various roles across her life starting as a student of math and then shifting track midway to join a fashion design course to being head of fashion and design of an illustrious college to styling shoots and running her own ‘curious’ store, has distilled to a very sharp taste or in this case piranha teeth to slice through the fashion trash and serve you only what is really a perfect blend of couture and everyday sensible.

Which basically means if you got that dress or suit cause it’s all the rage but you look like Zach Galifianakis in a thong, she will tell you. But she will also fix it for you and help you find the you in your wardrobe. Because that is what she does and you are too busy making that million from your startup.

So you know who to call if you think you need a little more help with picking your mauve, fuchsia, teal or the right shade of black. Or for that matter your cutlery and flowers for the dinner you want to host for your venture capitalist.


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