I have been always fascinated (exaggeration controlled) with quotes in general. And ever since I came into this world of fashion and style, I have been obsessed to read any text on the same. And after so many years too, that thirst to read and analyse these little quotes have not diminished even an iota.

I ask myself; why so?

The answer didn’t take much of my so-called valuable time; bang in a jiffy it surfaced; it’s because  I still  love life,  like a fairytale  and  want  to embrace it in all its aesthetic dynamics.  And for the same reason, am always on the lookout for something or the other to motivate myself.

So here I am, comrades, bringing to you some of those lovely quotes on fashion and style which make me stop and think for a second. Hopefully these should inspire you too. Hey! Doesn’t really matter if you aren’t an avid watcher of fashion; come on man, you can start today and maybe by next New Year, there could be people following your trend! Doesn’t it sound alluring?

Here is to all you normal, under normal, over normal and fashion normal folks; a quote which could maybe make you think. Only a split second is needed for the profound thought to sink in; just try it!


Most often, people get confused between” Fashion” and “Style” and mostly end up thinking that style is a synonym for fashion. Well! Absolutely criminal to think that and punishable too (You get punished by sneer comments from people for glorifying fashion and using it as an individual style). Fashion is for the mass but style is for individuals. Fashion is announced by Design houses, Designers, Magazines etc just to give you a direction towards what is new. But it’s completely in an individual’s hand s to decide what to do with it. Just by blindly embracing fashion, you only end up as another miserable victim who might even look, like a disastrous Christmas tree!

But if you analyse the latest fashion, figure out, if you as an individual, with your body type, skin tone, personality, status, and age, can carry it off with élan, then nothing like it. Stop and think for a while if you need to make amendments about the newly released fashion in your own way; by adding or subtracting certain elements which will give it a totally individualistic look that doesn’t belong to anyone else but you. Then; only then, are you embracing “Style”! And that’s only when people really notice you in all your glory! In an otherwise scenario, you get stamped as a run of the mill item!

And believe me friends; it’s not as tough as it sounds. It’s just a matter of practise. The wise say that if you want to draw better, the easiest way to do that is to draw, draw and draw. Same theory applies here….sorry…same practical I should say!



  1. Hi SP,

    Yet another simple, sweet and educating write up.. Its a revelation for me to understand the difference between fashion and style..
    Keep going girl.. Enlighten us …


    Liked by 1 person

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