Hey, folks! Am getting across to you with something which is very crucial in the world of fashion and design and which has a high impact on almost everything that we would be using; at least for people who are trend conscious and fashion savvy. Yes! I am talking about a colour which is going to rock the coming year.

Colour is something which touches each one of us in ways beyond our comprehension; we actually even take colours so much for granted that when there is an impact, we fail to even understand that it’s actually the hue which has affected our mood. There is a lot of importance given to colour; still many of us do not want to even believe that colours could actually change our emotions and thus life too!

Well! I choose to narrate to you about the story of this new colour (actually old); “Marsala”, which has been announced as the colour of the year 2015 by none other than Pantone LLC; which as many of you would know as the world-renowned authority on colour and provider of colour systems and leading technology for the selection and accurate communication of colour across a variety of industries. The PANTONE name is known worldwide as the standard language for colour communication from designer to manufacturer to retailer to customer and let’s takes them seriously; they have been around for the last 50 years! And to top it all, Pantone also runs the “Pantone Institute”, through which it continues to study how colour influences human thought processes, emotions and physical reactions furthering its commitment to providing professionals with a greater understanding of colour and to help them utilize colour more effectively.

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Coming back to the colour of the year 2015, “Marsala”, it is a naturally robust and earthy wine red. The name descends from the fortified wine and as it rightly suggests, this tasteful hue emanates a sophisticated natural earthiness.

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After the colour has been announced, there is a huge debate in the related industries as to whether the colour generates the thrill and excitement when a new colour is announced as the colour of the year by Pantone. The colour has not been taken very well by many, argument being, there is nothing new about the new colour and it’s too safe and so no thrill there. But actually, it is a very mature and stable colour which can be used by majority of people without being too conscious of their skin tone. This colour was called “Maroon” many years back and sort of suits the entire palette of skin colours. Yes! I agree there is neither shock nor any outburst of newness about this colour. And people are not going to think twice before using this colour nor is anyone going to stand out outrageously for using this hue. And in that sense, the new colour feels old! But as we all know, the older the wine, the deeper the taste! So folks, embrace the old wine in the new bottle….the new sparkling bottle. Happy marsalaing!

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