Why do we wear bands on our fingers? There could be a myriad answers to this question. Primarily, majority of us wear rings on our fingers without gender bias, to call out about a relationship. It could be a marriage, engagement, “just love”, or even friendship. Wedding bands are existent in many cultures from time immemorial or I would say many cultures or cults just adopted it by getting fascinated with the ones around.

So does wearing a band secure any relationship?


Probably it did; till some years ago, to an extent; but not any more! In this age of overexposure to relationships, a band is going to do nothing; leave alone secure a relationship. In this scenario, I wonder, why do people spend so much of time, energy and money for a ritual of band exchange or radically why does a person even choose to wear a band which actually doesn’t secure a relationship?

Well! There could be two reasons in my perspective. One; we are always sort of advertising to the world that we are in a relationship. And we are proud to own someone! Secondly we are sort of confirming to ourselves that we are in a relationship and so should stick to it with all our might, no matter how severe the storm is. A band on your finger is a constant reminder of all the good times we have gone through ; all the beautiful journeys that we have taken and thus reminds us to be in gratitude of this person for having given us all these amazing memories. Even if there is a bit of turbulence in the modern times, the ring could maybe make us think that we ought to hold on and the hurricane will pass.

Another interesting thing about the ring is, this is an accessory which is worn on the most crucial part of your body .We wear the ring on our hand and our hands are a part of the body we constantly use for everything; to communicate, to love, to touch, to express. And thus, we keep seeing this accessory all the time in front of us; every time we move our hand. Unlike an accessory which we wear around the neck, or the ears or the nose, we don’t have to stand in front of a mirror to see this. It is right there in front of you all the time and so it’s a compulsive reminder of anything that you associate it with. And the best part is that it is not biased; I mean with regard to gender. A ring is equally important to a male as it is to a female. Both men and women clutch onto a finger ring dearly with the same intensity.

Leave behind all the emotional stunts, people; especially women adore finger rings for particularly no reason at all. All that they want to sometimes do is to enhance or dress up their fingers . At this juncture, I would like to introduce a category of finger rings which are a little alternate from the usual and for the same reason, they catch attention far more easier than the usual. They are called “Knuckle rings”! And Knuckle rings look very attractive when worn in a group. It’s like a family of rings; simple and different from one another, yet gives a collective look!

So guys…..yet again I throw you this suggestion of adopting something as simple as these rings, nevertheless would make you feel totally individual! Go ahead.. Grab this opportunity to just feel good wearing something that you have never worn! You could win some ogling too for the simple reason that you look unconventional!

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4 thoughts on “BAND BONDS

  1. Do you know that the practice of wearing rings on the left hand is rooted in superstition that says that there is a vein that goes from the left hand directly to the heart.. .I still believe wedding bands have been worn to symbolize the union and love of a couple.

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