My love for the “Oxidized Metal” has always been alive…

It started from when I was very young…

sort of stayed with me all along…

What I also notice is ; it suits the Indian skin very well

for the “contrast” it creates…

Flaunt the “Oxidized” for an alternate look



Maxi tops are happening big time all around. This is a very cool and casual trend which is spreading like fire. And it is essentially a western style yet  can be mostly carried off by all body types as it is very liberal in the fitting and except for certain cuts , do not expose the hips and waist too much.



It looks happening with jeans and would look really trendy if the jeans is lean and cropped at the ankle.

If you want to take it to the higher level of style and sexiness, you could wear short shorts or hot pants with it. It has a certain amount of sleekness as it has high side slits or asymmetrical slits at the front or rising hemlines towards the centre front.


It is comfortable to use as well and women don’t have to be very conscious due to its length. Yet there is a sensual allure about this piece of clothing.


It is sported in knits and look really good with the drape. Chiffons and Georgettes look best in wovens and if in cotton , it would rather be soft light cottons.

So Ladies…Go ….MaxiMaxi …Fun Fun…


Courtesy: Pinterest, Wooplr


What’s most appealing about Sunglasses is that they hide people’s eyes. You can’t tell what a person is thinking because the lenses mask what many people call the “windows to a person’s soul”. An actor wearing a Sunglasses appears cool to us. But probably he is only as cool as long as the shades sit on the face; the moment it is taken off ,maybe we would see how scared he actually is.

The wayfarers are back…back with a bang!

The Wayfarers are sometimes cited as the best selling design of sunglasses in history (although Aviators have also been credited with this achievement) and have been called a Classic of modern design and one of the most enduring fashion icons of the 20th century.

Ray- Ban  was the company to manufacture  Wayfarers for the first time in 1956, when their design was a revolutionary break from the metal eye-wear of the past. Made from plastic ,it’s temples flared ,the Wayfarer was a rebellious thing-probably why Dean, the 24 year old star of “Rebel without a cause”, put them on.

Then  Audrey Hepburn put them on in 1961, when Breakfast at Tiffany’s introduced America to daring suggestions of divorce.


Soon Marilyn Monroe also put them on and so did a guitarist in New York named Bob Dylan.

Tom Cruise’s wearing of wayfarers in the 1983 movie”Risky Business” marked the beginning of a Wayfarer phenomenon.

Collage 2015-08-19 16_18_43

Michael Jackson further popularized the Wayfarers by wearing it through his Bad tour.

Collage 2015-08-19 16_15_06

What was it about these sunglasses?

Their distinctive shape seemed to possess an ability to dress up drab outfits while dressing down formal ones. The wayfarer’s “distinctive trapezoidal frame spoke a nonverbal language that hinted at dangerousness”, critics thought. That’s probably why Legends like John Lennon put their Wayfarers on, too.

Yes…guys…it’s time to change your shades…Get on with life with a cool pair of wayfarers! And don’t be scared…the classic shape of the Wayfarer is a time proven formula for Style with oodles of oomph!

And did you know the definition of the word Wayfarer in the British dictionary?….

A person who goes on a journey! Bang!

Courtesy: Wikipedia.


I have always been in awe of the Cross ever since I was an adolescent for it’s style quotient; thanks to it being taken as a fodder for style of the rock,glam and punk looks of the ’80s. I grew up to rockstars like Madonna and George Michael iconising the Cross and raising it  to a completely far away space than where it rightfully belonged to. The Cross started to appeal to  nominal Christians and to non believers big time and all of them adorned it without ill intent. And so did I.The Cross was available and is still available in the most versatile designs and the raw materials used for making a Cross jewellery is quite interesting and tickles your creative appetite.


PhotoGrid_1438070469419 PhotoGrid_1438070319862

Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, and Pope Francis  share very little wardrobe-wise, apart from a very important , very trendy item: the Cross. It has featured on Popular celebrities and the collections of eminent designers like Versace and Dolce and Gabbana sans the religious relevance. Influential Internet style stars and bloggers  have been wearing the Cross with attitude which has transcended into huge street styles  that the mainstream retailers have to follow their leads as they  always turn to such street styles for inspiration.

rihanna_givenchy_layered_cross_necklace images (3) - Copy

‘A crucifix is now just a fashion statement and has lost religious meaning’
Justin Welby says the purpose of wearing a cross has been lost
Archbishop of Canterbury says the sign has been trivialised
He said it was once a ‘badge of shame’ which is now popular
Christian leader made claims in a foreword of a new book

In celebrity circles and for some big-city fashionistas, inverted or horizontal crosses worn as jewelry or imprinted on clothing are turning heads . This trend has picked up from 2013 onwards and  is still going strong. While some folks view the trend as anti-Christian, others say it’s just the opposite.Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Paris Jackson, daughter of the late Michael Jackson, have been photographed wearing inverted crosses on their clothing.

Rihanna-wearing-an-upside-down-cross-on-her-jacket il_570xN.311776862 - Copy

images (7) images (6) - Copy

Even if there seems to be contrary opinions on the usage of the Cross as a fashion statement, it is going strong and is being used by believers and non believers for their own reasons. The Cross remains on the top as a fashion symbol. Salute to the Cross ; Style and otherwise  for it’s magnanimous iconic status! Stay thus.

Courtesy: MailOnline, Virtue Online, Whitney Bauck(Writer)


I have been always fascinated (exaggeration controlled) with quotes in general. And ever since I came into this world of fashion and style, I have been obsessed to read any text on the same. And after so many years too, that thirst to read and analyse these little quotes have not diminished even an iota.

I ask myself; why so?

The answer didn’t take much of my so-called valuable time; bang in a jiffy it surfaced; it’s because  I still  love life,  like a fairytale  and  want  to embrace it in all its aesthetic dynamics.  And for the same reason, am always on the lookout for something or the other to motivate myself.

So here I am, comrades, bringing to you some of those lovely quotes on fashion and style which make me stop and think for a second. Hopefully these should inspire you too. Hey! Doesn’t really matter if you aren’t an avid watcher of fashion; come on man, you can start today and maybe by next New Year, there could be people following your trend! Doesn’t it sound alluring?

Here is to all you normal, under normal, over normal and fashion normal folks; a quote which could maybe make you think. Only a split second is needed for the profound thought to sink in; just try it!


Most often, people get confused between” Fashion” and “Style” and mostly end up thinking that style is a synonym for fashion. Well! Absolutely criminal to think that and punishable too (You get punished by sneer comments from people for glorifying fashion and using it as an individual style). Fashion is for the mass but style is for individuals. Fashion is announced by Design houses, Designers, Magazines etc just to give you a direction towards what is new. But it’s completely in an individual’s hand s to decide what to do with it. Just by blindly embracing fashion, you only end up as another miserable victim who might even look, like a disastrous Christmas tree!

But if you analyse the latest fashion, figure out, if you as an individual, with your body type, skin tone, personality, status, and age, can carry it off with élan, then nothing like it. Stop and think for a while if you need to make amendments about the newly released fashion in your own way; by adding or subtracting certain elements which will give it a totally individualistic look that doesn’t belong to anyone else but you. Then; only then, are you embracing “Style”! And that’s only when people really notice you in all your glory! In an otherwise scenario, you get stamped as a run of the mill item!

And believe me friends; it’s not as tough as it sounds. It’s just a matter of practise. The wise say that if you want to draw better, the easiest way to do that is to draw, draw and draw. Same theory applies here….sorry…same practical I should say!


Well! It’s not actually something very exciting to write about as most of you are already aware of it. But then, can’t avoid it completely as it’s all over the place. And it’s like an “obsessive compulsive disorder “that one can’t avoid. The onset of this happens mostly every year as the spring/ summer season in the fashion scenario happens. As a variation or a resurrection or even something totally bizarre, this look of florals always hits in some form or the other. If it was of a pastel look last year, it is more of a brighter tone this year. MyCollage_15 Mixing and matching between different categories of florals is so very refreshing to see, though some may not like and agree to this design approach. It is innovative yet challenging. Florals used with colour blocking is yet another relatively new approach. MyCollage_13 We always believe that we can only use florals with other plain colours, but wait a minute. Check out these stripes with them. Bold yet classy! Though not for the indecisive and weak hearted in matters of fashion. MyCollage_12   You agree or not, they almost always release a fresh wave of euphoria around. Wearing or watching it makes one nothing less than “Simply Happy”! MyCollage_9 Florals inside a house is all it sometimes takes to make it a “Home”….cosy and warm. It spreads romance instantaneously. Try throwing around some floral cushions for a pop of energy. MyCollage_10 Accessories with the Floral stint always make one the cynosure in a crowd. So sometimes, just blindly go for it. And a word of caution to you guys. While using floral printed accessories, keep your garments in a neutral palette to avoid cacophony. MyCollage_11 So go ahead folks! Florals are available in every second shop from the right….or the left. Just get them and flaunt them this season before it end.

Courtesy: FashionFeud,K-Elle,Curalist.co,bloomingdales.com,studentrate.com ,Fin and Ivy Gold Coast,etsy.com