My love for the “Oxidized Metal” has always been alive…

It started from when I was very young…

sort of stayed with me all along…

What I also notice is ; it suits the Indian skin very well

for the “contrast” it creates…

Flaunt the “Oxidized” for an alternate look



After a long stint of taking off ,though not entirely, I am coming back into my designing and styling  world. As an important part of equipping myself better before I relaunch, I am doing some studies within my spectrum of  design.

I HAVE ENROLLED BACK TO COLLEGE; THE BEST IN THE COUNTRY FOR FASHION; which had been a dream for me for a very long time.

And as part of the studies , I am given various projects and assignments on fashion illustration which forms one of the core subjects. And boy! am I excited?

I have started doing my illustrations and colour rendering with the same excitement as when I had discovered the wondrous world of drawing with my papa years back . He was the one who introduced me and my brother to art.

I look at the colour pencils with the kind of uncontrollable glee that a 5 year old would do when she gets her brand new pack of these vibrant tools with which she would paint her future.I love the way the colour pencils glide over textured paper; so smooth.


During these times, I stumbled across a realization or maybe  it’s just a feeling that my child could be serious about taking up a career in design too. Well, You would say and I also know that it’s too early to say,  as she is all of only 7, yet let me just bask in the glory of this beautiful feeling that she could follow my footsteps…. maybe!

I got a bit more convinced about this, the way she is serious about following all my work. She tries to copy and replicate all my projects and I am amazed at the way she is coming close to it taking into consideration her age.

The other day I just did an illustration and as soon as she saw it , she wanted to copy and I let her do it. Well! I had used some fabric also for a three-dimensional effect and it was a multimedia  thing.


 20160102_130723 20151228_182451-1


I have decided to give her exposure to the world of design more; just in case she wants to take it up professionally but i promise myself one thing. I shall not over do it. She can choose to fly in the direction she wants to and she should. At this juncture, I remember my mother, my tower of strength and motivation and about her undying trust in her kid’s talents where in, without even knowing much about the fields we took , my brother and I , she just let us fly. She only checked whether the wind beneath our wings were just right to take us to the places we wanted to go.



The Two way earrings have been in furor since now almost a year and there is no sign of them stepping down anywhere soon. They have been a clear favourite and have stolen all kinds of hearts from the moment they got launched.

Collage 2015-11-13 21_15_01

This design was originally launched by Christian Dior. But as everyone knows fashion is a world of “Knock offs” and so it didn’t take much of time before it trickled down to all the lower layers and was easily available in all the small stores and as in India , even on the streets. Not to take street shopping as a lower cadre thing at all especially in India as you find some of the best styles on the streets.


Collage 2015-11-13 21_11_58

This earring has come in so many variant styles now; deviating not much from the basic design yet distinct in patterns. Three things I would say about these earrings.




And the enticing part of the story is you could use this as much with a traditional wear  as with a western wear.

And another particular use of these earrings is , supposing you opt to wear an elaborate  neckwear which could be the highlight of your look, these earrings will support the look in the most subtle yet utterly stylish way. No question of going wrong here.


And they started off with a “Huge blob” like design on one side of the ear and a “small blob” on the other side. But now they have got into so many manipulations of this fundamental design; branched out into colours , florals and geometrics.


16e68d0666fd51b3724553217a81d7c7 - Copy - Copy



All people from Kerala(India) know the allure of this drape called”Mundum Neriyathe” or MundumVeshti or “Settum Mundum”.Although  this beautiful drape which consists of two pieces of fabric ; one which is draped around the lower torso  called” Munde”and the other which goes as a drape around the lower and upper torso of a woman called the”Neriyathe”, typically belongs to the Hindu religion,now a days women from all religions wear it as it is looked upon as a traditional wear of Kerala.And during a main festival of Kerala ,”Onam”, all  malayali women wear it to some function over the span of these ten days .And so we can actually say that it does not anymore belong to any religion but to the beautiful women of “God’s own country”!

104 IMG_8412

This is such a beautiful dress and will actually appeal to anyone around the world who loves drapes as this is typically in a offwhite colour with Gold Zari border which looks extremely classy and has an aura of royalty. Any woman wearing this dress has a beauty of her own and looks complete with generally some gold jewellery and jasmine flowers on her hair and a red “bindi”(round spot) on her forehead.

The typical ” Mundum Neriyathe” comes in Off white and a flat gold Zari border called “Kasavu”, or the border will be in a flat colour or stripe called “Kara”and was always woven.But as in any other dress , this drape also has evolved over the ages and now a days come in all sorts of designs. The main change happens with the border mainly; it has gone from printed to embroidered to attached brocade borders. And the “Zari” also has changed from Gold to Silver or a mix of both. The body essentially remains off-white. But now a days, experiment is happening with the colour of the body too. And typically this drape is found in Cotton only ; but now  a days it is done in Silk as well ,due to demand for a more expensive look for weddings.

This drape is used by a lot of Hindus for a part of their weddings. Both the traditional and modern styles of the mundum neryathum are depicted in the paintings of the Indian painter Raja Ravi Verma. In olden times,the attire was worn with the “Neriyathu”wrapped around the bust and also a blouse was not worn . Women of Kerala also wear the drape for a traditional folk dance called “ Kaikottikalli” and “Thiruvathirakali”.

   Collage 2015-07-07 19_53_44 Collage 2015-07-07 13_23_15


 I have always been fascinated with this drape from a very young age. The best image that has been stuck in my mind is of my mother wearing this drape in the mornings after her bath and with “Sindooram on her forehead on her hair parting ! She would even wear a basal leaf on her long hair which sort of completed the look( both practices being done by Hindu women of this region). When I woke up in the mornings ,it was such a positive image to see…..for me she looked so beautiful like a goddess of love! And yes she was one, in her nature too.


I grew up having this fascination for the drape and till date it is more alluring to me than a “sari”! I feel it is more sensual in look and very feminine too. It is extremely simple to drape it unlike the “Sari”! And thus convenient to move about as well as airy and breathable  in the humid climate of Kerala.

046 063

When I talk about Mundum Neriyathe , another drape which comes to my mind and which has struck me is “Meghela Chador of Assam”. I came across this drape accidentally through a friend who was assamese and I saw her wearing this for my brother’s wedding. I was really surprised to see something so similar to our own drape of Kerala. Then I really got to know about this drape.There are two main pieces of cloth that are draped around the body. The bottom portion, draped from the waist downwards is called the mekhela (Assamese: মেখেলা). It is in the form of a sarong—very wide cylinder of cloth—that is folded into pleats to fit around the waist and tucked in. The folds are to the right, as opposed to the pleats in the Nivi style of the saree, which are folded to the left.The top portion of the two-piece dress, called the chador, is a long length of cloth that has one end tucked into the upper portion of the Mekhela and the rest draped over and around the rest of the body.

Ornamental designs on the Mekhela chadors are traditionally woven, never printed. Sometimes a woven pattern, called the pari is stitched along the sides of a chador, or along the bottom of a mekhela. These drapes come in Cotton as well silk traditionally but now a day are also produced as blends of Cotton and Silk with Synthetic Fabrics.

Collage 2015-07-07 20_21_35

I saw a huge collection of these beautiful drapes in my friend’s collection. And there is even an antique one which her grandma had woven by herself and handed it down. And surprisingly for their weddings also just like in Kerala , they wear the traditional colour of off-white and Gold. I was flabbergasted; how can two regions so far away from each other have the same kind of drape and follow the same colour scheme? Such is life!…..I conclude.


For folks around the world who would like to see how a “Mundum Neriyathum ” is draped, here it is.

For folks who are interested to watch how a “Mekhala Chador” is worn, here it is.

Courtesy: Sameera Dipshikha Dowerah


There would’t be a better statement about the make-up of a woman. It’s so true that the cosmetics are easier to buy as passion doesn’t come so easy to a person. Passion has to ignite within self by default and can’t be bought or worn whenever needed. Ans it’s so true if  a woman has passion on her face , it shines so bright; it ignites her eyes; it makes her skin glow ; it plays as a beautiful smile on her face; her eyebrows will dance animatedly that she will attract attention from so many people. And this attraction will happen so spontaneously and genuinely. There is no effort ,no expenditure, no time lost on putting on a mask of make-up.  But then that has to happen naturally or at least a woman has to put some effort to build the right attitude to have passion for whatever she does.

If not, she should definitely  buy some of the best cosmetics and man it’s easy as there are tons of products and brands to kind of dip oneself in , to project a new you; a new face; a new look that you actually want the world to believe that you are.

Collage 2015-06-14 22_37_25

So women ….indulge in make-up but if passion happens, flaunt it and let cosmetics be just  an add-on for that extra bit of accentuation and fun in life.

I also take this post as an opportunity to salute one of the best designers of the world .Many of you are so familiar with  these three letters YSL as a brand and flaunt the designs , the fragrances, the cosmetics etc which come under this famed name.


Collage 2015-06-14 22_50_27

Collage 2015-06-14 20_42_10

Collage 2015-06-14 20_39_52



Collage 2015-06-17 13_29_17

A few interesting facts about this legendary designer who is no more.

Yves Saint Laurent (1936-2008) was one of the greatest names in fashion history. He became the head designer of the House of Christian Dior when he was just  21. He moved on in 1960 and became an independent name creating designs that redefined the world of fashion.

  • Childhood was not easy as he appeared as a homosexual and was bullied often by mates and was a nervous wreck nearly everyday.
  • He shot to fame for his adaptations of tuxedos for women in 1966.
  • His signature pieces included the sheer blouse and the jumpsuit.
  • He is credited with feminising the male wardrobe.
  • He always mixed masculine with the feminine in the most rhythmic and peaceful manner.
  • He was the first designer to use black models in his runway shows.
  • A Saint Laurent campaign that ran in Elle ,U.K was banned for using an underweight modal.
  • His fragrance ,”Black Opium” shot to fame because of the name chosen and also because the designer himself had posed nude for the campaign picture.
  • A motion picture made on  the life and  and work of the designer was released in 2014 under the name Yves Saint Laurent.


Collage 2015-06-14 22_55_54





There seems to be a sudden enthusiasm in the extended earrings now a days .These are very similar to the ear cuffs. I live in one of the most fashionable and trend following cities in India (Mumbai).This is one of the hubs where fashion gets released first and then trickles down to the other cities.
When I check out stores and bazaars , there is a rush of these earrings. And they are quite captivating and alternate. When you wear one of these, that kind of becomes the highlight and you don’t have to wear anything else in your ears.

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And also another tip for girls who would be using it is that it is best to put up your hair in some style than to let it loose for two reasons ; one being when you let your hair loose , it tends to get tangled with the earring. And secondly the earring tends to get covered and lost. The minimum that has to be done is pin-up one side of your hair or take a style where your ears are exposed totally.

281b461943ce0c0201d632a15e47ff9d 27c635ffb23a29e6c59db0298fa3dbc8
This style of earrings is such a value add for women with boy cuts, crew cuts and women with shaven heads. I wish I had these when I had shaved my head and dawned that look for some time.

9bee35d24a4c6faea0482efcfbb0e9db e5466d821ca533aab27a384a5f40ade4

20150118_193830-1                     20150118_193928-1
When I see these earrings,I am reminded of my earrings what I wore as a bride. It was a typical “Jumkka” or “Jimkki”(which is a very popular earring in all of India). And there was an extension piece like a Peacock design which extended up to my ear lobes and had to be clipped there. These earrings have been there from olden times. And it has been a Classic from time immemorial. So it’s just that the new earrings that we use now are a new “Avatar” of an old design.

Amusingly there is also a collection of earrings that come as a single piece; in the sense only on one ear and nothing on the other. These are also severely attractive but the only thing I disagree on is that, there could have been a tiny piece for the other ear which will complete the whole dramatic look. Now, the other ear is lying vacant as there is only one earring and that kind of gives a little lost look. So what I suggest to women opting for these singular pieces is that just browse around and shop a tiny earring in the same colour scheme as the main one and team it. And voilà!…you have a killer look!


The singular earringIMG-20150220-WA0002-1