The Gladiators have been in vogue for some time now. But they have hit the trend big time with the boot like look.


Collage 2015-07-08 18_59_48

These Gladiators  come quite tall on the legs. They could hit you anywhere between the calf and the knee.

Collage 2015-07-08 19_02_09

And unlike the boots these are open and airy and hence can be worn in the summers with equal sophistication.


These sandals look really cool with short length of dresses , skirts or shorts; anything that will leave a distance between the hemline of the dress and the beginning of the Gladiators. Or if worn with longer hemlines ,then either there should be essentially a long slit for a peep show or a part of the dress should be raised or curved like the front or the side  for the sandals to be visible.


They can be teamed with casuals  as well as party wear(Western) with equal elan depending on the feel and shimmer of the sandals.





Illustration Courtesy: MONICA





  1. Very stylish… But I have a doubt these tight sandals can put pressure on our veins which can affect our blood flow. Can be used occasionally.


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