Do Clothes regulate a relationship or does a relationship regulate clothes?

Tricky question nha?

It is indeed a question which is

  1. Dicy
  2. Delicate
  3. Unnecessary
  4. Uncomfortable
  5. Lame
  6. Sick etc etc when asked directly on your face.

In my part of the world, this question would be faced not so comfortably by many especially (I am sorry guys but) by the men because dressing up is almost always associated with women. And dressing up sexy is always and only associated with women. They claim there is no question of a man looking sexy after dressing up.Now…just in case some of you could be confused; I say sexy not in a literal sense though at times it could be too. When I use a word as “sexy”, I am trying to convey of a state of “looking really good by dressing up and accessorising”! It could also mean appealing! Anyway I personally don’t agree to this arguement as I fiercely defend the concept of men looking terribly good after wearing appropriate and stylish clothes. In fact some of them even look damn sexy …in the literal sense!


So coming back to the question….do clothes regulate a relationship?

I will speak from what I have seen around. Clothes do and has the power to regulate a relationship. The same person could be appealing or repulsive depending on the clothes she or he is wearing. Especially many a time a first impression is made based on the clothes that the person is wearing. Unconsciously , in our minds ,we feel attracted or abhorrent looking at the clothes the person is wearing. We will never admit it openly though. But nothing to worry…it’s just plain human!  This way, clothes regulate if a relationship has to even begin or not!

Amusing…isn’t it? Truth!

Secondly ,in case a relationship begins, the wearing of certain kind of clothes regulate the relationship. If a girl is her innate self and sometimes wears certain sort of clothes which are considered sexy, there could be a shift in the way the guy looks at her and feels about her. He could be intimidated and even feel  insecure taking her to certain places .


That does change the relationship in many ways. He could change the way he feels about her if she continues to dress the way she wants or feels happy about!


Now does a relationship regulate clothes ?

yes ,it could! If you were to have a relationship; be it a love relationship or a marriage, wouldn’t your partner influence the way you dress? Don’t we all change the way we dress to look good for our partners or spouses? We all do as we want to look appealing to our mates.So in case you were a girl who used to dress traditional and then realise that your partner loves western style of clothing,  wouldn’t you try wearing such? You would defenitly give it a try. Same way for guys too.

Now how does it actually reflect on a person’s confidence and self esteem levels? If the partner is liberating in thought and encouraging to wear what the person likes or would like to experiment, it’s a great boost to your personality; whereas if your partner cripples or limits your horizons on the choice of your already existing style and wardrobe ,then it becomes highly critical as far as your confidence is concerned. Your sense of well being and pride nosedives and hits rock bottom. You would be forced to feel bad about who you are and even worse you are made to feel like an object and your intentions to wear the so called “sexy” clothes could also be questioned. Not to highlight that it’s always women who are targeted. Your morality could even be at stake! It takes absolute maturity and confidence for a guy to let her dress the way she fancies He has to primarily have total trust in the relationship.


Clothes form an integral part of any relationship; be it for good  or bad! So for people like me for whom clothes are like part of your soul…..good luck for a kewwl partner….or your life and personality could be screwed for ever! And if you are a very flexible person and don’t mind changing your entire wardrobe and style for someone…well!so be it; life could be easy.But choose black or white. Grey isn’t a great place to live for a long time though Grey as opposed to what majority thinks , is a strong and independent colour and like Black and White can be mixed with any colour brilliantly. Never choose to live in the grey though!

Live happy. Live Fashion!




  1. Oh…you mean to point out that our clothes reveal more about us than we thought….now i feek thay it is important to choose our dress style carefully because people will make all sorts of assumptions and decisions about us without proper evidence….

    Good advices ..keep writing

    Liked by 1 person

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