There would’t be a better statement about the make-up of a woman. It’s so true that the cosmetics are easier to buy as passion doesn’t come so easy to a person. Passion has to ignite within self by default and can’t be bought or worn whenever needed. Ans it’s so true if  a woman has passion on her face , it shines so bright; it ignites her eyes; it makes her skin glow ; it plays as a beautiful smile on her face; her eyebrows will dance animatedly that she will attract attention from so many people. And this attraction will happen so spontaneously and genuinely. There is no effort ,no expenditure, no time lost on putting on a mask of make-up.  But then that has to happen naturally or at least a woman has to put some effort to build the right attitude to have passion for whatever she does.

If not, she should definitely  buy some of the best cosmetics and man it’s easy as there are tons of products and brands to kind of dip oneself in , to project a new you; a new face; a new look that you actually want the world to believe that you are.

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So women ….indulge in make-up but if passion happens, flaunt it and let cosmetics be just  an add-on for that extra bit of accentuation and fun in life.

I also take this post as an opportunity to salute one of the best designers of the world .Many of you are so familiar with  these three letters YSL as a brand and flaunt the designs , the fragrances, the cosmetics etc which come under this famed name.


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A few interesting facts about this legendary designer who is no more.

Yves Saint Laurent (1936-2008) was one of the greatest names in fashion history. He became the head designer of the House of Christian Dior when he was just  21. He moved on in 1960 and became an independent name creating designs that redefined the world of fashion.

  • Childhood was not easy as he appeared as a homosexual and was bullied often by mates and was a nervous wreck nearly everyday.
  • He shot to fame for his adaptations of tuxedos for women in 1966.
  • His signature pieces included the sheer blouse and the jumpsuit.
  • He is credited with feminising the male wardrobe.
  • He always mixed masculine with the feminine in the most rhythmic and peaceful manner.
  • He was the first designer to use black models in his runway shows.
  • A Saint Laurent campaign that ran in Elle ,U.K was banned for using an underweight modal.
  • His fragrance ,”Black Opium” shot to fame because of the name chosen and also because the designer himself had posed nude for the campaign picture.
  • A motion picture made on  the life and  and work of the designer was released in 2014 under the name Yves Saint Laurent.


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One thought on “YSL QUOTE

  1. Hey beautiful read SP..
    Didnt know that YSL was part of CD.
    Infact.. Didnt know anything abt YSL.
    It is indeed so true abt passion… Isnt it far far better to adorn ur passion than make up on your face..
    Thank you for enlightening ignorants like me yet again..
    Keep writing..

    Liked by 1 person

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