The Overalls or Dungarees are classic fashion which has been there since fashion kind of originated or so I feel. This is a fashion so popular among children and in kid’s clothing. And there is no gender for this garment. There would be very limited children who wouldn’t have worn an Overall when they were kids in these times.

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But what amuses me is not the kid’s fashion, but the fashion of Overalls among adults. Actually as I said earlier, this is a genderless fashion, but we do not see the Dungarees being worn so much in my part of the World (India) beyond a certain age by boys. Maybe, they would wear it till they are like five or so. Beyond that, probably they consider it a little too feminine to be wearing one. But in reality, it is so cool to find a young boy sporting an overall. And if they would wear it in their teenage..Well, nothing like it. And men who can carry it off are rare yet awesome!


Anyway, the fashion is more seen among women; but even among women, not every other girl embraces this classic piece of clothing. It is worn only by a select few, who i guess have a sort of emotional thing for it. Maybe wearing an Overall makes them feel very “kewll” and disparate.

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Well! If you ask me, my version of the story is , I was and still am completely fascinated with this item of clothing. I still remember the days , when I was terribly young ; say like sixteen, I had this major crush for Overalls. But then again, all these garments being western styles were not available at all in my region; especially, we are a little slow or rather we are less in number to embrace the world fashion. I have mentioned earlier also how our society is restricted to such fashion which is anywhere near modern or meagre.

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Anyway , my fantasy(I say fantasy, because it was highly improbable to happen)to buy and wear an Overall stayed inside the closet till we went for a family vacation to Mumbai; which was and still is the fashion capital of India….apparently I now live in this vibrant city. When we toured, we went to a street called “Fashion Street” which is dotted with lots of street shops and hawkers. It was like a very popular destination those days for tourists also. Anybody hitting Mumbai could hit Fashion Street for some very cool, casual fashion that too at dirt cheap prices.

While I was lingering around some very pretty stuff on the street, my eyes fell on a bright orange thing. I dug it out of the pile of clothes to find to my utmost amusement that it was a chequered dungarees! Wowww! My excitement leapt. I was on cloud nine. I behaved as if I had conquered the fashion world. And guys, you wouldn’t believe that I just paid Rs 100 for that thing .And it looked to me as if it was out of my sweet reverie.

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And i did flaunt that precious piece of clothing for a long time in College and even when I started working. In my times and space, I did stand out like an unusual thumb; just for the reason that I embraced fashion which was not seen regularly around.

Even today, after so many years, I still own a pair of very funky Dungarees … the Classic Denim Ones! For me, wearing an Overall means a few things,

• A dungarees makes me feel “kewll”!

• A dungarees makes me feel laid back.

• A dungarees makes me feel androgynous.

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In fact it is one of the coolest garments that I feel can be worn by a girl! Hey, get going gals…grab a pair of cool Overalls this season and make it versatile by teaming various stuff with it like a Tee or a Tank top or a shirt or a Western blouse etc.. So plunge.

A bit if history…

 Dungaree was mentioned for the first time in the 17th century, when it was referred to a cheap, coarse thick cotton cloth, often coloured blue but sometimes white, worn by impoverished people in what was then a region of Bombay, India a dockside village called Dongri. Hindi name of this cloth was “dungri”. Dungri was exported to England and used for manufacturing of cheap, robust working clothes. Everyone who needed clothes for hard work that would not tear after a short time, from workers to slaves, began to wear dungarees.Dungaree is often compared to denim but there is a difference. While denim is woven from uncoloured yarn and only coloured after weaving, dungaree is made from pre-coloured yarn. They became fashionable in the other half of the 40s and by the start of the 50s they gained wider acceptance as casual wear because they are comfortable, easy to wear and practical.And the garments that are trousers with an attached front patch that covers the stomach but leaves the chest uncovered and has shoulder straps which are made either from denim or dungaree fabric came to be called as “Dungarees” or “Overalls”.


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Facts about Overalls

  • Overalls as maternity wear look damn kewll!
  •  Overalls or Dungarees look very interesting in other fabrics as well and not just in Denims.

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3 thoughts on “LAZY OVERALLS

  1. Hi SP,

    Wonderful right up..such a cool history on Dungaree.. Didnt know that… I also had these overalls at the young age of 5 or 6.. Had completely forgotten about it.
    Now that u hav reminded me…. Well i need to get one.. How well i will be able carry it.. Its for me to wear and the world to find out…
    I wonder where i should go to buy one..
    Hey good one yet again.
    Keep the information flowing.


    Liked by 1 person

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