Do you get judged by the clothes that you wear?
All the time.
Who are you?
No one wants to know.
Your clothes speak… sweetheart!
You are only the clothes that you wear.
To a stranger.
To many.
To majority.
So beware! What you wear….where.
No matter how liberated you are,
Choose wisely my dear,
The destination,
The crowd.
For you are being judged every minute
By your second skin!

It’s not easy in my country, in many places, in societies, to wear what you just feel like. There is a culture, especially in my part of the world (Kerala, India). You are expected to confine to the limits of a diagram drawn by the society with the label “decent clothing”! If you dare step out, even a single step, you are tarnished, maybe for a lifetime even. You could lose everything; the minimum being your reputation which would have cost you a couple of years to build.
I blame none! The societal layout is such that it looks like we promote hypocrisy. The same folks who could wear clothes (daringly; that’s what they call you) which could show a little bit of skin , change their wardrobe entirely as they step into their native place(that includes me too; I admit). And it’s a known secret that we can and we may dress as we like, when we are on a holiday outside our state or living elsewhere.

033 20121221_112444

Do I see this as obnoxious? Well! I am confused to answer. I want to say yes when I think rationally. The answer becomes all the more a sound yes when I think radically! It is especially so, because as a society, we are not so closed to showing a decent amount of skin. The woman actually looks mighty sensual wearing a sari (a stretch of fabric draped around the body). When a sari is adorned, the woman’s body is portrayed in an aesthetically sensual manner. This drape shows off ample amount of skin or helps to accentuate the most beautiful parts of the woman’s anatomy. But no one even bats an eyelid; leave alone speak filth about it, where as when it comes to switching over to western clothes, we do have a highly volatile situation here.

Why are we like this?

The only answer could be that when we are used to something by birth, we do not have a problem; whereas, when we are exposed to change, then we rebel, we revolt, we ridicule!

172 20150207_192213

And we have a culture where in, we give respect (or so we claim) to elders. And one solid reason for dressing up moderately is also that we try not to offend our elders who are not exposed to or rather they are closed to anything different from what they have seen. And now if you ask me the same question, I would say “No”; I don’t think it is obnoxious for the simple reason that you don’t have to offend your culture and neither your elders. There is nothing wrong in being sensitive to the communities that we live in. There is nothing wrong in being respectful to the denizens around you. Why would you take the trouble to upset a chosen few when you know you can step out into the vast horizons of the world and wear the same clothes with no fear, no affront, and with élan, in a completely different , mature scenario which can endure it. It could be even that, the same clothes which are offensive in a space could get you appreciation in a different one. So, for me, it’s just a matter of letting go and dressing appropriately in the spaces where we are at a certain point of time.

 082 003

You are judged my dear…. good or bad, depends; but you are always judged by what you wear!

Guys….you must have noticed ;anyway ,for all those who didn’t , that’s the same girl in all the images, wearing both Indian traditional and western clothes! And thank you all for not judging her, on her clothes!



  1. People will always be judged by the way they dress. It shouldn’t be that way, but it is. Clothes define a person but not in most cases. you can’t judge anyone until you know them….. good write up.keep writing…

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