Do feet have any kind of status at all? Well! I feel, feet to different people are at different status; for some, feet means nothing but a vehicle to merely carry the rest of the body; no care given, no value added, not even a look down to see if they are actually there. But for some, feet could mean something as precious as the face. Not just the care and enhancement given , but to think of your feet to be as good as any other part of your body could be a rarity among folks , but is there; at least I know one. Hey! …that is me….and are you one too? Haa…that makes two! Two to tango.

I just adore the feet and sort of give it so much of respect. When I say this, you might think I am talking about the beauty part of it. Well! Actually I am not. I am looking at it from a totally different perspective. Feet to me are two soulful beings , maybe like soul mates because they are always together ;never one in front or back continuously but always getting even by leading and following simultaneously. Feet are the chosen ones which kind of carry our whole self, with our happiness and sadness, our excitement and frustration, at times accelerating, at times dragging, depending on our emotions. But they have the huge responsibility of carrying our self; no matter what, they need to drag us on to face raw life.

I was taken up so much by the feet that when I chose a logo for my brand of clothing called “Ahom”(meaning “the Self” in Sanskrit) and for my lifestyle store with the same name; I chose to incorporate feet in it. Well!..Now you know how smitten I am by them!



Any ways, I now prefer to tell you further about an accessory which is worn on the feet but is a rarity. For the same reason, it looks completely alternate and makes the wearer really stand out. And interestingly, they are called “Barefoot sandals” or better “Feet Thongs”!(Ouchhh!)

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This is a totally bizarre accessory which not everyone would prefer to wear but fits girls who choose to tread life barefoot(literally and otherwise)! It is more or less like an anklet, but with an exotic twist. It could be the most befitting accessory for a beach wedding (they are gaining more and more popularity now a days). And the stuff mostly used to make these accessories are beads, shells, feathers, stones and such and a lot of thread to put together all these components, the technique being “Crochet” most of the time. All sound very exotic eh?

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Having said all this, all you exotic and regular people out there…I challenge you to wear something totally distinct; anything deviated from your usual style or wardrobe. And look at yourself in the mirror. Aah! There is a new you! You would feel a fresh lease of life. You are never too old to try out something new; which doesn’t necessarily mean something alarming. It could be something as simple as a different coloured watch, or a different texture of a wallet, or an alternate style of shades, or a summary tone of a colour for your shirt…yeah…am talking to you guys! And I needn’t tell the girls because it’s their birth right to dare in fashion. Get going. Fall victim to fashion…sometime in life at least!


6 thoughts on “LOVE THY FEET

  1. Arch dont tempt us… when people like me have lack of knowledge about fashion… its better to avoid fashion choices rather than make fashion mistakes. Another good write up and suggestions…


  2. Hey…..

    I need to say that feet indeed is one of the most important part of my body and i do take care of them..within the framework of a mans outlook. So u seee you hav your partner for the Tango.. Some day whn we meet i will remind you of this.

    Its so true whn u say that feets are soulmates.. Very interesting

    And “feet thongs” what can I say about that…. No words .. Just extremely beautiful.. An accessory that connects us to nature.. Are they available for men too…. Or do we have to continue walking with flipflops or barefoot

    About your writing style.. Its really phenomenal …

    Thanks for enlightening me to this unknown world of fashion and lifestyle..which i was ignorant of.



  3. More often than not, the first thing I notice about a person is his or her feet. And I must confess i am a footwear fanatic. Now you have added these accessories to my list….you wicked girl!! Loved the piece. Agree with everything you said save the, “Fall victim to fashion”……because to me style and elegance reign supreme. Here’s to more from your stable my dear……

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