Hey folks,am kicking off with a new category based purely on people; the ones I notice, take an interest in, to watch closely, the ones I find on the streets, in a mall, walking on the beach or leaning against a wall. It could be anyone; a soul with a difference in looks, attire, accessories, attitude or just about anything that catches my whim.
Am starting off with a very humble soul or so it seems to me.
I was walking down the road the other day, back from the club in my community in the morning. As I passed the “Jain Temple” being built nearby, I saw a bunch of women collectively standing and yapping happily. I looked at them and felt happy myself for the simple reason as to how people connect over a simple conversation; maybe they were discussing what they ate for breakfast. I walked past them and then I suddenly thought I noticed one woman particularly. I retraced my path. I approached and kind of looked at her closely; from a distance though. I found her pleasantly diverting!

She was dressed in a “sari” (Indian dress done by draping a cloth around the body which is extremely sensual and at the same time modest) and a “choli” (blouse for the upper part worn with a sari) which looked “luxe”! And man…her “Bindi”(the circle or any shape that is worn on the forehead between the eyebrows of a woman with ink or powder or sticker) was colossal! It was done with powder and was also of a completely different shape; like a lotus bud. I had no clue how she managed to make that shape with her fingers as I know how difficult it is to just make a circle with coloured powder ( “Kumkum” or “Sindoor”, it is called) as I put it on sometimes, while wearing saris. Although you get myriad “sticker bindis” in the market which is very convenient to use, it still makes me feel very natural and soulful to wear the “Powder Bindi”!



She also wore beautiful, intricate jewellery around her neck and on her ears. Last but not the least, I noticed her “Bandanna” on her head. It was a handkerchief tied around but looked quite funky with the overall look. Yes! This was quite an alternate look.


I love her for the effort that she takes to dress herself up, although she might not meet stimulating folks or go to a club. I love her for the effort that she takes to dress herself up even if she knows that her day would be nothing but a prosaic one filled with banal stuff that she does every day. I love her for the simple reason that she loves her “self”!

I love her for the simple reason that she loves her “self”! Point to note.

Well! I meet her now  mostly everyday; we exchange a few pleasantries. For those of you who are curious, she calls herself, “Devukaa Bai”!


6 thoughts on “SOULS I NOTICE

  1. Hi

    Its an apt title you have chosen for this catagory.. Wonderful write up. I am amazed at your eye for details and your humble look out for beauty in every being.. Thank you.. You have added a pang of guilt within me for not looking around and appreciating beauty which is not on a typical stereotype.

    Keep writing



  2. hey senior,thank u for appreciating the title…which was chosen after a lot of brainstorming. Yeah…am always trying to see some beauty in all the beings around.I guess god has made everyone with beautiful peculiarities.


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