In the midst of our life in the fast lane,we often forget to see the details that mother Earth has offered us in abundance. It is very similar to how we forget the silent gestures of love and gratitude shown by our children while we are busy keeping abreast of the rat race.

I had mentioned earlier about my holiday in Little vagator and Morjim.These five days which I spent to myself was so soothing to my tired soul that I slowly started to look around me (bringing up kids ain’t a joke…pheww!) And seriously, I started actually seeing rather than looking. I saw the detailed arrangement of so many elements of nature; it immediately reminded me of how I look into intricacies of design and fabric in my world of fashion. Mother nature had an overdose of detailing on offer here and what really caught my eyes were the mixture of wild flowers that had been woven around the green carpets of Morjim ; the tiny flowers of” touch me nots”,the ever intriguing “Shoe flowers”(why do we really call them that?),the many flowers whose name I wished I knew…. anyway,I was left breathless! I literally hopped off my scooter every time I saw these beauties all over the countryside roads and just looked at them with so much of awe as if I had never seen flowers before! I guess, sometimes we just need to build this attitude of looking at simple ,seemingly silly things of life as if this is the last chance to look at them. I tell you …it feels so good!

20141003_083244 20141003_085852

20141003_082304 20141003_085404


20141003_083221 20141003_085807

Then one day ,we decided to trek the pretty hillock nearby which looked quite enchanting in the early mornings.The dew draped cobwebs on the grass all along the climb, shone like crystals embedded on a bride’s gossamer dress….naive and pure! And it was like as if my biological clock had come to a standstill and I had all the time in the world; I was a happy snapper, absorbing their images to my heart’s content and actually touching them and wondering how tiny they were; also coming to a realisation that no matter how small each one looked, they had their space in this vast world. I guess each one of us is like that; small or big, we have our places in life… one cannot compensate for another. My love and awe  to the untamed flowers of Morjim; they bloom every day for the local folks and the tired travellers, to admire and relish,though quite often they dry out unnoticed . Yet, another wild bud blooms as the sun rises over the cliffs behind Morjim ,every day….!

IMG_0415 IMG_0411

IMG_0412 IMG_0417

IMG_0419 IMG_0418

See…I told you …they are unbelievably tiny,almost zilch…against my hands; yet so enticing!


4 thoughts on “BLOOMS OF MORJIM

  1. Hi,

    You hav brought back sweet memories of my childhood in w/island, whn life had a new purpose every single day… All what you hav mentioned was then very clear…thanks yet again to make me walk back the memory lane… Seems to be a hundred years ago..



    • Heyyy Senior. ..great to know that I brought back memories frm ur childhood. ..its so beautiful n precious for everyone. W/island was a fabulous place to grow up…ask me about it..! So started looking at things frm a child’s eyes? Am glad.!


  2. These flowers I believe definitely have a secret meaning like precious stones which only few people can understand. Sometimes flowers can be used for communication when we don’t have enough words for expression. . Nice to know that you are really exploring the world and sharing those wonderful moments with us… nearly everything is really interesting if you go into it deeply and that is what you are doing….
    Good blog but would like to see more pics of these flowers….

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