Been to Goa a couple of times in my life as it is the most happening place in all of India (or so says everyone else who could be….well! you know…free spirits!) But this time around, I went to a place or rather a village called “Vagatoor”. And also got to see a neighbouring village called “ Morjim”. Man…What a stretch! It has all the serene, calm, rustic elements of a typical yet quirky village! The place where I lived had a panoramic cliff view of the beach and it had black sands and black huge rocks on the beach; onto which the sea hit with a vengeance to make such beautiful rhythmic music. The wind was so soothing from my balcony; I wished I had tied a ceramic wind chime (Blue and White) onto the ceiling’s wooden bar. I even looked around for one to buy and hang. But commercialisation and Vagatoor seemed more or less like aliens. There were just a few shops selling the most expected, mundane stuff that one expects in a place like this. There was nothing really indigenous or with character.
Well! The most intriguing thing that I found was the solitary “Crosses” at regular intervals through the stretch of Vagatoor Morjim road. On my scooter ride (which was a pretty yellow in colour and looked quite beachy), I saw one beautiful Cross; not linear but quite thick and for the same reason looked quite “level headed”! When we rode forward, saw another one …and then another. There were quite a few pieces. They were varietal, yet shared a common character; a silent towering personality! The impact was deep in me. Not sure what another person would feel. But to me, they were little, yet profound icons sprouting on the narrow road sides or path sides unexpectedly, to remind all the passers-by that, “life is blessed”! The “crosses”, I feel were a lifestyle statement of the two private villages and was suggesting subtly, “Never let your candle go off even if the wind could sometimes feel mighty! Goa…, I felt was soulful!







Hey folks….I can’t leave without mentioning about this colossal ,strikingly pretty house that I saw on my way to Morjim,which was set amongst lush coconut trees. The house would never fade away from my memory as it was painted in a vivid blue and white.The mansion just hits you out of the blue as your eyes begin to get accustomed to the natural greens around. This fairytale house had a “Cross ” too…their own ,painted in a matching ” blue and White” and Silver to highlight the Cross. Voila!…the setting was picture perfect.





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