“Nude” is a colour which is suddenly all over the place. In fact, it is not even a single colour; it is a group of colours which look nude. And the best part is, these colourless “Nudes” look so exotic, so romantic, so classy that they can be used safely by anyone for any occasion; in the sense when you can’t choose any garment for a situation, you can  just blindly choose “Nudes”. And you can walk in confidently and with style into any occasion.

“Nudes” are happening big time in garments, bags, jewellery, shoes, belts, watches, etc. The greatest quality of these colours is that they can combine with any other colour; it’s like how you can wear white or black with any other colour.

A person becomes a cornucopia of elegance when he or she wears “Nudes”. And these colours can be widely used for weddings too if you are planning for a classy mood or a romantic beach wedding.
So folks…..go for “Nudes” and walk in anywhere with panache!


1) “Nudes mix very well with other “Nudes”.

Collage 2014-09-10 23_05_03
2) They combine well with very bright colours.

Collage 2014-09-10 23_01_36
3) They can go with any other colour.
4) Any colour can be made to acquire the nude look, but prominently colours like Beige, Pink, Blush, Peach, Camel, Ash and Sand etc are called the nude hues.

Collage 2014-09-10 22_58_53
5) All you guys out there, if you are planning to buy a bag or a shoe or a watch for your love and you are confused as to which colour to choose; you can have a safe bet on “Nudes”.

Collage 2014-09-10 22_45_16

Collage 2014-09-10 22_37_20
6) They mix absolutely well with Gold and Silver and actually sober them down too.
7) They go beautifully well with Metallic colours.

Collage 2014-09-18 23_45_55
8) Nude colour “Make up” and lipstick look equally stunning on any skin colour. So ladies!…just indulge in them and don’t bother about people judging your taste. It always makes you look graceful.

Collage 2014-09-10 22_54_11

Collage 2014-09-10 14_19_09
9) “Nude” coloured jewellery has a fairytale aura about them. And mixing striking coloured jewellery with nude coloured garments gives it all the attention it needs to remain the focal point of the whole look.

Collage 2014-09-17 20_43_17
10) “Nude” coloured watches are the latest happening trend and they are lovingly called “Rose Gold”. Man!..They look awesome especially if studded with a few precious stones.



11) Saris in “Nude” look exceptionally swanky and sometimes lends an undeniable sexiness.

Collage 2014-09-12 18_08_13

Collage 2014-09-11 17_18_44

12) And for some strange bizarre reason “Nudes” go extremely well with Aqua blues.

Collage 2014-09-12 18_12_44

I think I have already given you an overdose on “nudes”. Period!



  1. Hi,

    Never knew that nude corresponds to null value in the world of colours… Interesting new word i leanred from you ” Cornucopia”..a goats hotn filled with grains fruits and flowers sumbolising richness and prosperity…
    Keep writing.. And enlighten us… Hav to admit that nude which u hav depicted is lndeed very atttractive….

    Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Good article and full of really useful tips for the ladies except for the gift for our love… your followers can now seriously start thinking about how to pair items in their wardrobe differently.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I protest! You ignored us menfolk! Is it because the majority of us are “colour blind”? I am reminded of an exchange between the characters from the movie Seven Pounds… “It’s pink!”, Ben says after he wears a T-shirt presented to him. “No, that’s Salmon,” replies Emily. Salmon T-shirt and beige trousers it was, if I remember correctly, and you’re right, it works. Of course, that was Will Smith. Not sure if I can pull it off, hee hee 🙂


    • heyy Mr.Sarada….i hav never ignored menfolk.Its just that women are more versatile…i am sure u agree. And I have contributed if you notice by helping you guys buy something beautiful for your lady love…tee heee…


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