It had been there on my mind for long to visit the” Chathrapathi Sivaji Museum” at” Kala Ghoda” (Mumbai) ,since I wanted to open up my girl to the world of art. As we were walking to the museum, a guy on the street caught my eye. Usually there are some artists lined up there with art which is pretty but mediocre. But here was a guy with something very different.

20140817_113849 - Copy       20140817_114011 - Copy - Copy - Copy
He had paintings with varietal tickets stuck on it and I thought I should chat up with him and find out more about his unique art.
He said he was from Deharadun and had come to Mumbai way back in 2003 and had started selling real life paintings for as less as 20 bucks as, all he wanted to do in life was to paint. He was also known for his art of writing one’s name on a grain of rice!
Later in 2007, he stumbled upon this idea of “ticket art”; collecting the tickets that people use for their travel on bus, train, etc and create paintings with the tickets being an integral part of the artscape .

20140817_113741      IMG-20140820-WA0002
He was a simpleton who was more than ready to spill details. He said he also sold his paintings from a gallery in Goa in” South Paloleum” by the name “Art Resort ”. He stays for a few months in Goa in a year too.
So how does he collect his tickets? He has kept a unique installation in front of the “Victoria Terminal”(Main railway station in South Mumbai),so that passengers leaving the station can drop their useless tickets into the bin installation. His friends also contribute.

IMG-20140819-WA0014 - Copy
He has been covered by a few newspapers, magazines and websites because of his queer art. He says his business is good and his bucket lists consists of buying a small studio space in Mumbai and also travel places. He has already travelled to more than 20 cities in India till date.

IMG-20140822-WA0002      IMG-20140820-WA0009

In addition to his art, what also struck me was, here was a youngster; an artist who was so upbeat about his art and life…so simple and straightforward… greed or discontentment. Probably we have a lesson or two to learn from this fellow; to aspire just enough… to lead a simple, happy life.

20140817_114147       20140817_113911 - Copy
Folks!… we all forget something very important; that life is not going to be for eternity! So buck up…and simplify! Love your life and let go! Embrace little pangs of happiness that we always miss. And start writing your bucket list…!
By the way the person I was talking about has a fabulous name. He is Swaroop Kaintura….cool name…eh?


Swaroop with his clients.


10 thoughts on “THE STREET ART GUY

  1. Hi,

    Very interesting article. You are so right Archana…. We often forget to capture those simple moments of happiness that surrounds us and go behind an illussion.. It is indeed high time for me…


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  2. Love your posts Archana….ekdum hatke, like the people you introduce to us. I love the fact that, there are people who find art in the most unlikeliest of materials. And follow their passion and give birth to it……keep writing dear for the likes of us to open our hearts and minds!!

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