When you think of a tattoo, what probably rushes to your mind is most probably the image of either a cool dude, or a sultry woman or Jennifer Lopez. Yes! All of us associate tattoos with a little freaky mind, a bold attitude and some amount of sexiness. And so we always, mostly think of women clad in absolute western wear, or if it is an Indian wear, then mostly with a western twist or a very stylish cut.
Well! I too am aspiring to get a completely “kewll” tattoo done on myself.The dilemma is whether I want an image or a calligraphic quote. And also as to where I should ink it. Since it’s going to be a permanent fixture, I want to choose a classic quote or an image which reads or looks good till I perish. Yeah! I think I will do a mix of a quote and an image. Also I don’t want a regular one. I would like to develop a quote which is very individual; which cannot be read anywhere else and which is totally me. Oh yeah…the quest is on!

The earliest tattoo that I ever spotted was on the arm of my grandmom; she had something like an umbrella or “T” inked on her, or so it looked to me when I was small. So guys ,now  you know from where this desire to get  etched ignites from. The fire runs in the family I guess!

Anyway, getting back to the original story; I spotted a tattoo on a very special person. This person is a regular one in my life and I see the protagonist every day. This individual could be a part of many of your lives too. She is my “Bai” or so we call her. No…”Bai” is not her name. It is the pet name by which this clan call themselves and so we too call her that. She is my domestic help or the woman who comes to help me with the household chores. Many of us in this part of the world can’t think of a life without a person like her; especially someone like me, with two small children. So that makes her kind of the backbone of my happy life and so I see her as a very powerful being. It’s not that I will die without her; but then she definitely is a precious “value add “to making my life a little happier and peaceful.
My “Bai” adorns a calligraphic tattoo in Hindi on her right hand. She has already decorated her hand by wearing myriad green glass bangles which makes her look so young and pretty. Out of curiosity, I asked her details about the inking on her hand. And she showed me that it was her husband’s and her name etched. I asked her if it was some sort of ritual among them.

“Anyone who loves her husband dearly would do this. I love mine and so I have done it!”She said. Period!



That was quite a statement from a woman like her. Please don’t get me wrong here. Let me explain. Usually, all of us associate love with lots of materialistic things like flowers, fragrances, candles teddy bears and such. And since, we are so influenced and controlled by the images that we see on T.V, videos and cinema, we have a very luxe picture of love; full of sumptuousness in ambience, clothing ,food etc. But here was someone, who was deprived of many of those ingredients for the picture perfect love; yet feels passionate enough to cut and ink her body with the name of her lover.

That left me thinking about a lot of things in life; especially how we crib for the smallest of things and complain of being deprived and take for granted all those precious love relationships without which we are nothing, but zilch!


Note: My “Bai” didn’t want her face to be photographed and I respect her privacy and hence only the picture of her tattooed arm could be taken. She has a beautiful name too but then privacy  again interferes ; so let’s happily call her “the bai with a tattoo”.

Come on folks….get inspired by the “bai” and ink yourself with the name of someone you love! Happy tattooing.


Well! a few seconds after I posted this blog ,my brother commented and reminded me of his new tattoo which shows the name of  three precious angels in his life; his children. And added, “well…you have a “bhai” with a tattoo too”! So I have a “Bhai ” and a “Bai” with a tattoo. Hilarious but true! ( “Bhai”is brother in Hindi)


The tattoo on my brother’s arm .



11 thoughts on “THE “BAI” WITH A TATTOO

  1. Hey my first tattoo sighting was on my grandmom too… there you go. Looks like our grans were all super hot much before anyone else. I would never ink myself, but have come to admire those who do (for I cannot imagine the pricking) and the art!! Keep writing Pirhana……love your Style!!


  2. Very well written. Love your writing style. Yeah I came across tattoo for the first time on an old lady’s hand in my native as a little girl. I was quite impressed by the fact that it was permanent. Keep writing.

    Liked by 1 person

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