This image of a young girl with her name lettered in gold around her neck is still so vivid in my memory. I was very young then and had such a fetish for this kind of calligraphic jewellery. And as I grew up, the liking also grew with me except that it had a lot of dimensions to it. I loved anything with a script on it. It could be neckwear, a ring, a bracelet, a bag, a shoe or a tattoo. Calligraphy almost always on wearable, left me elated.

Collage 2014-07-15 13_20_27

I wondered why? Why do I love script, words, and quotes on body or wearable, both clothes and accessories? When a person wears such a thing, he or she is saying something to the world without actually saying. A word or a quote around the neck or on an accessory is communicating to the world about the personality that you are. Only your friends and acquaintances know you well and you only talk to them. Whereas when you wear something like such, an unknown audience gets to know a little bit about you. It’s like an attitude that you throw at people. Folks always read and assume you are typically that, what is written. I feel it’s sometimes like a social networking media. People who don’t really know you, and only read this, conceive you as such…like on Facebook or similar sites. You speak through an accessory and the world sees you in that light.

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Imagine wearing an accessory around your neck saying a simple word like “Happy” or “Love” or “Peace”. Well! That talks a lot to the spectators. It will definitely ignite a smile on their faces to begin with. And additionally, it makes them feel happy and peaceful too. Most of you who are reading this might feel that, it is too loud a thing to do. Probably yes! But the small percentage that agrees to this, which obviously includes me is not necessarily a crazy lot. Hey! Comrades, we are just a cult wanting to be compulsively happy and peaceful.

Collage 2014-07-15 13_03_32
A strange tendency that I have always felt is that, whenever someone is wearing vesture or an accessory with a quote or a word, I always strain my neck to read it. It’s like a compulsive disorder or is it just plain curiosity to know a little more about a stranger? Well! I believe, half of you who are reading this also suffers from this sickness. Period .

Collage 2014-07-15 13_20_05
This look has surfaced up once again and you get to see these accessories around. And the chosen few who wear these kinds of accessories are usually interesting souls. They would definitely be creative, artistic or at least enthusiastic……about life!

Collage 2014-07-15 10_00_41
Many a time these calligraphic quotes help us to just reconfirm a thing or two to ourselves. And if we can send a positive message across to a stranger, through a harmless practice, isn’t it awesome? You have made somebody’s day or just uplifted someone’s spirits. Reason enough to rejoice in this chaotic world. Quotes of soulful writers and poets like Shakespeare, Charles Bukowski, Rumi,Gabriel Garcia marquez seem to be quite popular. Harry Potter is another hot choice. Go for it guys! Wear’em and make someone’s day!

Collage 2014-07-15 23_33_36

Courtesy: http://www.etsy.com, shop.nordstrom.com, http://www.stachebox.com,



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