When my girl conveyed a wish to put Henna on her hands, I just took it very casually. She is all of six years but so much in love with aesthetic details like these. I took her to one of those malls where they have professionals putting mehendi as per your needs. When the guy started putting it on the little one’s hand, I couldn’t but notice the sheer beauty of the whole exercise .He was quite agile. His hands ran swiftly and smoothly giving birth to intricate lace like motifs on her tiny hands .When the ritual was going on, I felt an urge to put it on my hands too. In fact, I realised that this urge soon became a necessity in a span of a few minutes as I remembered that I hadn’t put mehendi on my hands for a long time. It struck me that this long time was “quite long”….almost fourteen years. I had put mehendi last as a young bride. Unbelievable!!!….I muttered. Collage 2014-06-22 00_54_26 Instantly I decided to take the plunge into the magical world of Henna. The guy finished the little one’s hands and almost started on mine when it struck me that probably she could have an “OM” done on her arm too. Well! Apparently her name is OM which is the “Pranava Mantra”, the beginning of all mantras in the Hindu mythology. And it doesn’t have gender as most people think. We only know boys with that name. But here is a girl with OM as her name…..surprise! Any ways it looked quite “kewll”on her arm…like a style statement. The cold Henna felt light and beautiful on my hands, giving life to myriad illustrations that I have drawn as a designer. And the aroma was nostalgic, bringing back a million memories and giving rise to a trillion dreams. Voilà! I felt like a bride again. Collage 2014-06-22 01_26_08 I also realised that Henna surpasses all cultures and religions of the world and could easily pass off as a universal style statement just the way Tattoos have. It should be raised to the young, vibrant, sexy status of the Tattoos. It also has the capacity to appear modern with a little twist here and a little turn there. Traditionally and interestingly, two of the most fundamental religions of the world, namely Hinduism and Islam have the same tradition of putting Mehendi on the hands and legs of the bride. It is believed to ward off evil, promote fertility and attract positive energy. There is also this amusing superstition that the darker  your Mehendi turns, the more your husband will love you. White Henna which is a fad also looks very young and trendy. Collage 2014-06-22 00_13_14 Apart from India, it is also used widely in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. In the Arab world, Henna is believed to be a symbol of good luck, health and sensuality. There is also clear evidence of henna application on the bodies of Egyptian mummies as their hair and nails were stained with tones of Henna. So in that manner, it is familiar to myriad groups of folks around the world. And also thanks to singers like Madonna who flaunted it as body art for her music video “Frozen” and for a watch ad campaign. Other celebrity singers like Sting and Prince have also been intrigued by this decorative art and have done their bit to popularise it. Any ways I feel Henna has the character to transcend all barriers of cult and class and be embraced by anyone who is a lover of art, fashion, and lifestyle. Well! I embraced it yet again and felt more than just beautiful. Collage 2014-06-23 23_26_21 Intriguing facts about Henna which I never sort of noticed Henna crown is a form of body art done on bald heads of women who have undergone chemotherapy and are experiencing hair loss.It brings them great happiness and confidence. MyCollage_16 Henna is done on women’s bellies who are mostly in their full blown pregnancy periods.Looks quite beautiful and I guess all women should try it out. I wish I had. MyCollage_17   Welcome folks …to the mysterious world of Henna. Courtesy:Today, everdrobe.com ,downdogboutique.com, puredbody.com, mehenditime.com, joy kaut, S3media3.ak.yelpcdn.com.,Humna mustafa via Behance,Silkaengland,pinningdella.postorous.com, people,com,naturalexpressions.org, madonnasfault.tumblr.com



  1. Hi,

    Beautiful thoughts yet again Archana… Henna indeed it depicts romance in the simplest art form..

    Thanks for all the new informations given..

    Keep writing.. Im looking forward to your next article.


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