Well! It’s not actually something very exciting to write about as most of you are already aware of it. But then, can’t avoid it completely as it’s all over the place. And it’s like an “obsessive compulsive disorder “that one can’t avoid. The onset of this happens mostly every year as the spring/ summer season in the fashion scenario happens. As a variation or a resurrection or even something totally bizarre, this look of florals always hits in some form or the other. If it was of a pastel look last year, it is more of a brighter tone this year. MyCollage_15 Mixing and matching between different categories of florals is so very refreshing to see, though some may not like and agree to this design approach. It is innovative yet challenging. Florals used with colour blocking is yet another relatively new approach. MyCollage_13 We always believe that we can only use florals with other plain colours, but wait a minute. Check out these stripes with them. Bold yet classy! Though not for the indecisive and weak hearted in matters of fashion. MyCollage_12   You agree or not, they almost always release a fresh wave of euphoria around. Wearing or watching it makes one nothing less than “Simply Happy”! MyCollage_9 Florals inside a house is all it sometimes takes to make it a “Home”….cosy and warm. It spreads romance instantaneously. Try throwing around some floral cushions for a pop of energy. MyCollage_10 Accessories with the Floral stint always make one the cynosure in a crowd. So sometimes, just blindly go for it. And a word of caution to you guys. While using floral printed accessories, keep your garments in a neutral palette to avoid cacophony. MyCollage_11 So go ahead folks! Florals are available in every second shop from the right….or the left. Just get them and flaunt them this season before it end.

Courtesy: FashionFeud,K-Elle,Curalist.co,bloomingdales.com,studentrate.com ,Fin and Ivy Gold Coast,etsy.com


8 thoughts on “FLORAL MANIA

  1. Thanks Archana…. It was a very refreshing article andit did bring a smile on my face. Never thought of floral cushions and happiness.. Your writing style adds so much meaning and life to subjects that was misuderstood by the stupid me as shallow.



    • Hey buddy…thank u sooo mch for commenting and great to know that I could add some value to ur understanding about underestimated stuff like florals. Will try to always impart fashion and lifestyle information….as I perceive.Thankyou.


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