I live in one of those rare, cosy localities of Mumbai.  Around one of these hangout places (…When I say hangout, don’t think in the hip-hop, party direction!), there is a bake place called LOVE AND CHEESECAKE….and man! They have such tongue blowing cheese cakes.


For some unknown reason, I always associate love with cheese. I would say cheese has something exotic or rather everything exotic about it that I would always feel good eating it in any form. And although, now a days, you get natural cheese of different varieties in many places and processed cheese in almost all the places, this was not the case many years ago, when we were children.


Cheese was a rarity and considered to be an uncanny, expensive, once a year affair maybe! And I clearly remember this once a year affair. It was the picnic that my one and only brother used to go from school as a child. When the permission to go for this one day trip, which itself took some cajoling to convince was granted, my papa would go and buy some cheese cubes from a nearby homely store called  S.Koder’s .This department store always stocked some exclusive stuff at which we always ogled when we visited. The name of the store itself sounded quite weird to me when I was small…though later I realised that it was just a name, a proper noun!

Anyways that was that. Cheese always and still has a place …an outlandish place in my heart and holds a sexy status!

Getting back to this bake place called LOVE AND CHEESECAKE, it also attracts you to walk in for one more reason, a design excuse. They have two light installations or I would prefer to call them “Chandeliers” to give it a cosy feel. These so-called chandelier lights are made of egg beaters, the normal ones that I and you would have at home. Yes…you heard me right. EGG BEATERS!!!


They look so pretty arranged in circles in some three layers. I feel we could all think of using some ordinary thing like this which touches our lives deep to make an installation. A very personal, exclusive one, so unique… us!  And these egg beaters somehow help to whisk up the love in us that sometimes go placid from time to time. I like the concept of getting the feeling of love bounce back looking at such seemingly simple yet profoundly touching things in life!



11 thoughts on “LOVE AND THE BEATERS

  1. Love the article. I love cheesecakes and have been exploring different types of cheeses these few years. Definitely a place to visit when in Mumbai! Keep the articles coming! Cheers 🙂


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