I have been seeing this couple for more than two years now . I would always watch them from my window while they were at their morning walk. They are good-looking. They are pleasant. They are dressed smartly. But that is not the reason for noticing them. There is  another vivid reason. They are always dressed in  the same colour. While walking, they wear the same coloured T-shirts and slacks. This takes one by surprise to view a husband and wife who  in perhaps their late fifties or early sixties to be colour coded.


As everyone else who was amused by this sight, I too was. And the curiosity grew inside me that I decided to confront and find out if there was a particular reason for this. I said hello and got friendly. And it was more than easy to strike a conversation with Mrs. and Mr. Rao as they were extremely friendly and straight forward individuals. When I found out the reasons for their colour coded behaviour, it really blew me!

The reason was nothing but plain love.It really was intriguing to understand that people connected through clothes and colours especially in a love relationship.

This is their story….presenting to you Mrs and Mr. Rao.

Mr.Rao apparently is a psychology professor working in some of the most illustrious colleges in the world and Mrs. Lakshmi Rao is more like his twin, always by his side. They always walk side by side, never in the front or back of each other. They have been married for 39 beautiful years and got married when they were terribly young. He was 24 and she 22. Though it looks otherwise,their’s was an arranged  marriage. They have been dressing up similarly in corresponding colours from day one of their marriage. Blew me again! I know it blew you too.


They say, it helps them connect well to each other . And a couple of years back, when  they spotted some interesting T-shirts, they decided to go colour coded when they went for the morning  walks. And this exercise, has  had interesting effects.

“When we dress up in the same colour and walk, it has a huge impact on the way people look at us. People smile and are happy to see us in this attire. So in reality, people become happy in the morning seeing us.”The best impact of this practice is on them, they say. “When people feel happy and appreciate us, we feel good and carry back that positive spirit. And it stays with us throughout the day.”

And this couple seems to be very popular in the community. Every walker or passer-by, no matter what age, stops by to say hello or exchange pleasantries. Is it because they are very friendly? Or is it because they have been around for many years? Or is it simply because people are amused and happy seeing this colour coded couple? I wonder. Whatever it is, this couple is like a good omen especially to start your day.


“I see her, not as my wife but as a friend,”Mr Rao says. And so the relationship looks easier and casual without the usual soreness of a typical husband wife relationship which has survived almost 40 years! There is always freshness in the way they see each other. The younger generation has to take a lesson or two from these folks about how to drive a marriage relationship and about wearing corresponding colours to keep connected positively.

So to conclude, there is a huge impact that dressing similarly by couples can have on their relationship and the community they live in.



 colour coordinate



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  1. Hi Archana, thank you for introducing this concept of connecting to each other through correspinding colours… What a brilliant notion… Mrs and Mr Rao very inspiring.. The promise… The comsistency and the act of imparting positive energy to all through their simple act of color coding.. Just amazing.. Thank you once again Archana… Keep writing.. This is indeed wonderful…
    Regards Shan


  2. Hi

    I see this man buying the same colour tees in two sizes in a well known outlet. Many times I wanted to ask him, why not leave the lady to make her choice. But neither I asked, nor Mrs. Rao contradicted his choice. I’ve never noticed them wake up and get ready (by which time mostly I would be in the ninth cloud of my sleeping anecdote). But when I wake up lazily sipping the morning caffeine, the door opens with squeals of this couple coming back arguing with fully loaded energy. That sheer sight will give you a high, 3 cups of strong filter coffee and 2 cans of Red Bull can’t buy.
    Then I hear the sweet quarrels of Mr. & Mrs. Rao arguing things like ‘you-should-learn-how-to-walk’, ‘look-at-your-belly’ kind of blames.
    I always have to interrupt them, change the topic and say things like, “Hey Dude, any luck? did you find your new girlfriend?”
    And he says – “Yes son. Your mom looked new today, so I brought her back.”

    Couple of days ago, he sends me this link and says, “Hey look at this, someone dear has written about me.” and I ask shamelessly “How much did you pay?” keeping the quarrels alive at the Rao family.

    Someone has to keep the tradition, right?

    – Narendran Rao, The prodigal son of Mr. & Mrs. Rao

    Jokes apart, Thank you Archana, for posting this wonderful piece of writing capturing the subtle nuance of companionship through a subject who are even more interesting to me, my Parents, my friends who never fail to make me proud.

    Cheers. Keep writing.


    • hey Naren,so very sweet of you to take time off and comment on this.Cant tell how inspired i am by your parents!I am defenite you also possess the same charisma as them.see you sometime around.All the very best in life.


  3. Achu, this is an amazing intetesting concept!! N ofcourse very very well written, my friend!!! Keep writing n keep me amused..
    If possible, give my regards to Mrs n Mr Rao… They r truly amazing !!! 🙂 🙂


  4. Archana – thanks for the article. It is very well written.

    I am their other son and now the color coding continues in Chicago 🙂

    I am just in the 8th year of their 38 year journey…

    I reflect Naren’s thoughts, this is a unique way to express love and closeness.

    As I recollect “Every person you see is a master and every word you hear is a lesson”.

    Archana – once again, thank you and keep up the good work…


    • Hello Balaji,thanks a zillion for taking your time off to read and comment inspite of the fact that they are your parents. Really appreciate. And I admire you for having such an illustrous and intimate couple as your parents. God bless all of you …always.


  5. Colour coded couple is well written. I kow this coulpe from the year 1978. They are not only dress alike they also think alike. They are very great humanitarians and doing lot of charity very silently. Iam alsobenifited by them during my hard dayes.leet them live long. I wish you all success.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Thanks for Sharing. Like you, I have also seen this couple many times and yes, my curiosity made me talk to Mrs Rao. I second that this is indeed a lovely & friendly couple. God Bless!

    Liked by 1 person

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