The bollywood movie,” Ram chaahe leela” was received with much enthusiasm as it was a Sanjay leela bhansali movie, which has always been known for its elaborate sets, classic women, gorgeous costumes and ornate jewellery. And for the same reason, every time his movie releases, there would always be a fashion updated or a trend set in especially costume jewellery….errr…lovingly, conveniently and colloquially called as “Artificial Jewellery”. And as everyone knows, this jewellery is always remade in cheap metals. When i say cheap, don’t give it a lower status as they just literally mean cheap on your pockets, but look terrifically beautiful with sometimes flawless finishes in their making that they can contest against the precious metals.


When “Ram leela “was released a few months back, there was a tempest unleashed about the lead actress, Deepika’s costumes, looks and jewellery. And yes, there were some stunning pieces. Ever since then, the markets and bazaars and even the small time “Kiraana” stores that sell just glass bangles and hair clips have been stocked up with the “huge earrings” that Deepika wore in the movie. And man…yes! Some of them look out of the world. That’s the only thing you need to wear when wearing a sari. You can altogether skip your neck wear.


This fad of the ring like and other earrings has trickled down to the last level of the fashion graph in the recent months. From jewellery giants to the kiraana stores,all  have been doing a brisk business on these. Interesting watch it!



Image courtesy: pinterest.com/nishadavdra/pins, fashion.makeupandbeauty.com, deepikapadukonephotos.com


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