Neons or fluorescents as we all know  them have been in fashion since now almost two years. They were spotted first in clothes later accessories like shoes,bags,belts,bands etc. And now looks like they are all over the place.They have trickled down into even things like luggage boxes,phone covers,kids toys and home décor.

In the beginning it was quite interesting to see these bursts of colours appear in an otherwise drab scene of life.People were sort of scared to use them in the initial period.And so could only spot a bag here or a belt there.Then slowly mankind got accustomed to these scary ” Neony” monsters.And worse….started getting so friendly with them that each, sometimes carried more than one friendly monster.One on the hand,one on the hip,one on the head,two in the ears and two on the feet….eeeeekss!


These little naughty monsters took over the world and almost killed their Godmother named Fashion.They are now disgracing her and disobeying her in all possible manner and are even secretly plotting to murder her.

People when taking to a new look especially a dangerous one like Neons,have to know where to draw the line.When used in the right manner and right quantity looks awesome,stylish and chic.But taken in an overdose,it looks quite tasteless and even garish.But how much is the right amount to use at a time is almost a gamble to many around.

To experiment with perilous fashions like Neons,there are two ways.One,study and analyse fashion around you through people,magazines,advertisements,movies etc. The better and safer way….be born with it …..i mean the “Sense of style”.

Few suggestions to use Neons safely

When in garments 

  • Use only one item at a time,say like if the blouse is neon,then keep your trousers or skirt in a different colour.
  • While using a fluorescent piece, use the rest of the garments in a neutral or drab colour. Never use other bright colours. Whites,greys,beige,nude,camel work very well.Black &white combination and denim blues work beautiful too.
  • Using two or more pieces of garments in Neon  leaves you looking like a Christmas tree.
  • Use only the trims ,edgings or borders in fluorescents


Picture 4



When in  Accessories. 

  • When using accessories like shoes, bags, hair-bands, neck chains, earrings etc use the garments in light or dull colours like greys, beige, earthy tones, blushes .
  • Try to use them in minimum the most two.Never think that since accessories are small in size,you can use them in tons 

courtesy                                                                                                                                 .Picture8

When in décor.

  • Use very sparingly and slenderly.For egs: As frames for black &white photographs.Never use them for colour photographs.They will look calamitous.
  • Paint a single chair in fluorescent around the dining table…or at the most a pair.
  • Have a bunch of tiny vases or coloured bottles in a otherwise rustic,woody décor.
  • Have some paper craft in Neon colours from the already fixed lamps or across the wall to brighten up the house in a jiffy or generally when you are bored with the same décor.(Bonus is that you can just throw  them away after a while)
  • Paint a few plant pots in different colours or if you shudder at this idea,just paint only the rims.



Now a little bit of history.As we all know fashion repeats itself in twenty years.And so have Neons.They were fashionable in the eighties with Madonna and Cindy Lauper. The big bows, leg warmers(yeah …there was such a thing)tights, laces etc.


And here they are again….shoddy for many,but a joy for others. But whatever be the fashion that is making an entry or a re-entry,let’s use it tastefully…in quantities that  don’t make us puke.Let’s use it in sophistication and style.

Image/Picture Courtesy:

Doloris petunia byCourtney prima/ News Magazine/ZoePeate-Creative events/Kara’s party Ideas/Wood&Wiil stools


3 thoughts on “NEONS KILLED FASHION…well almost.

  1. Hi it was great to read your article.. Atlast someone has come up with this stand against the overflooding of neons… I wld say it shld be used more restricted and is a good one in a mass demo or event like a live Gig of a music band..
    I do like ur pictures of sparingly used neons… It does add ideas for the reader..

    Thanks for the enlightment .. It is an eye opener…
    Never knew good old sarees had neon strips.. That vould be gross if over used..
    Thanks again
    All the best


  2. men will look like a clown wearing it.. but if we use these colours with some discretion, it may feel modern. informative blog for those who want to master the art of neon…Keep it up Archana


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